Künstlerische Vita

Dr. Alexandra Kuhn-Thiel, genannt Alix. Autodidakt.

During the past year, photography has grown from a simple need to „escape“ from everyday routine into a real, full-fledged passion. Anything and everything can be inspiring, a new beginning, a thread connecting even the most unlikely themes or people. Finding new ways of bringing together and celebrating the complex and varied elements of my own life and connecting them to other people’s own experiences and perceptions—that produces the ”creative explosion”, the ongoing adventure, which keeps me looking for the next “snapshot” and wanting to share it with you….


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Bisherige Ausstellungen

2014 "My Walk Through Wachenheim" 

2015 Soloausstellung im Klinikum Mannheim
2015 "Sun, sea & stone", Hotel Steubenhof Mannheim 
2016 Wachenheimer Unterwelten

2017 "Eva's Garten"

2017 "Green tracks"

2017 "Mystik"



9./10. Juni 2018: Alte Pflanzschule, Neustadt-Speyerdorf